Safe Sexual Healing coverThank you to everyone who has shared with me their experiences with sexual healing and healers. They have had a huge impact on the Safe Sexual Healing book I’m writing. The weightiness of these experiences has impressed upon me the importance of getting this vital information out to the public so more people are prepared and informed about what creates and maintains a “safe container” for sexual healing—and to help healers make sure they aren’t causing harm or re-wounding a client they are attempting to serve.
Due to all the input from those who’ve reviewed an advance copy of the book and your recounting of your experiences with sexual healing/healers, I’ve revised and expanded the book to meet your need to be more informed and prepared. New sections and information on: Transgender considerations, Consent and boundaries, Hygiene and STDs, and more have been added. Consequently, I’ve also submitted the book for another round of editing.
Writing a book of this magnitude of importance is quite an ordeal, your support and appreciation has been a tremendous boost and much appreciated! The process is continually challenging me to go deeper and reveal more so that others can be protected from being harmed either by reckless healers or because of not knowing what to expect and being ill prepared for the process that goes with sexual healing.
Thank you for your patience, and thank you for sharing your experiences with me—please continue to do so, and thank you for your messages of support which are warmly received and often come just at the right time too! 
Barring some great revelation, this is the last round of editing before going to the publisher (Hay House/Balboa Press) so I trust there won’t be any more delays. Fingers crossed. 
Sunyata Satchitananda
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