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A Vision for Safe Sexual Healing

A healthy society should have safe and reliable access to methods of sexual healing that address its deepest, darkest, emotional, psychological, and sexual wounds. Sexual healing provides a crucial nexus point of esoteric knowledge and practical application that specializes in treating these intimate and vulnerable wounds. Yet, as an “alternative healing” method it remains a shadowy and scary modality for much of the general public.

The Safe Sexual Healing guidebook takes a step towards greater public awareness and acceptance of sexual healing by demystifying it and fostering trust in its methods. There is a shift happening towards greater openness, awareness and acceptance in our culture (i.e. gains made by same sex marriage and the legalization of medical cannabis) including bringing sexual healing out of the shadows and its semi-illicitness to be less scary and more understood.

To help a society accept sexual healing as a therapeutic modality there has to be a tipping point towards safety and trust. Considering and promoting standards of best practices and guidelines for client and healer safety is beneficial not only for clients but also for sexual healing’s public acceptance and to the individual practitioner as well.

May there soon come a time when anyone who needs it will feel she/he can seek sexual healing easily and confidently—being accepted as therapeutic and beneficial like massage or acupuncture now is.

The Book

Safe Sexual Healing furthers this important conversation and attempts to help in the development of accepted standards of practice that “do no harm” to client or healer. I appreciate your support in spreading the word about its publication and asking the people you know who would be interested in this subject to go to the website and sign-up to the notification list.

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