Table of contents

  1. Do No Harm
  2. What is Sexual Healing?
  3. Ancient Beginnings of Modern Sexual Healing
  4. The Body-Mind Nexus
  5. How Does Sexual Healing Work?
  6. Sexual Energy and Therapeutic Healing
  7. Running Sexual Energy
  8. Benefits of Sexual Healing
  9. The Healing Alliance
  10. Permission
  11. Informed Consent
  12. Implementing Informed Consent
  13. The Client
  14. Women’s Experience
  15. Men’s Experience
  16. What a Client Will Want to Know
  17. Stages of the Sexual Healing Process
  18. Finding a Sexual Healer Who is the Right Fit
  19. Healing Takes Time
  20. The Best You Can Hope For
  21. Tantra
  22. Making “Tantra” and Sexual Healing Workshops Safe
  23. The Healer
  24. Healer, Heal Thyself
  25. What’s Going on Behind the Scenes
  26. Transference and Countertransference
  27. The Wounded Healer
  28. When Intimate Touch is Involved
  29. Adequate and Appropriate Training
  30. Informed Empathy
  31. Motivations to Serve
  32. The Hierodule, Qadishtu, Priestess Role Model
  33. Get Your Ego Out of the Way
  34. Spirit’s Role
  35. Energetic Care for Yourself and Your Client
  36. Role-Playing Sexual Fantasies
  37. Sexual Gratification with Clients
  38. “Running Sexual Energy” with a Client
  39. Sexual Intercourse with Clients
  40. Emotional Enmeshment
  41. Money’$ Influence
  42. Marketing—Getting Clients
  43. The Session—Creating a Safe Container
  44. Pre-session Intake
  45. Psychiatric Therapy
  46. Essential Elements of a Session
  47. A Code of Ethics for Sexual Healers
  48. Conclusion
  49. About the Author
  50. Appendix
  51. End Notes


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