Sexual Healing Safety

What You Need to Know to Be Safe


sexual-assault-harassment-long-term-health-issuesIn collaboration with Purposeful Living Healing Center I will be facilitating a class on “Sexual Healing Safety: What You Need to Know to Be Safe,” on Wednesday, Aug 26, from 11am to noon (PST).

Essential knowledge for anyone seeking sexual healing or Tantric healing. In this class we will discuss the key elements needed to safely work with a sexual healer and receive sexual healing treatments.

Recent reports of sexual healers or Tantra teachers/healers sexually assaulting clients have added to the list of yoga teachers, spiritual gurus, thought leaders and alternative healers outed for their harmful behavior. This class will provide guidance on important subjects that a survivor seeking sexual healing should know and use.

Subjects Covered

  • What to ask your sexual healer
  • How to create a container of consent
  • What to expect in a sexual healing session
  • How to avoid being harmed during a session
  • Some warning signs to watch out for to avoid predatory or reckless healers
  • Understanding key concepts for Safe Sexual Healing: Participation Mystique, Tantric Thrall, Somatic Trance, Informed Consent, Activated Trauma & Emotional Shock

This is part of a collaboration program with Purposeful Living. This class is free but you must sign up to attend. To sign up, please send us an email to:

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