Carla Tara safe sexual healingDear Sunyata,
I found your book extremely sensitive and at the same time powerfully transformative. It has the right mixture of professionalism and compassion that touches the heart and reaches the mind with crisp clarity. I honor you for having been true to your goal to become a sexual healer; you are one of the best!

Carla Tara


Betty Dodson safe sexual healingAs sexual healing becomes more popular and available, it’s important to be informed about the safety and validity of this work. Sunyata offers helpful guidelines for the Healer, the Client and the Public at large.

Betty Dodson
Author of Sex for One


Martina Hughes safe sexual healingSunyata has created a much needed guidebook for navigating a world that is often confusing for healers and those seeking healing. It’s an awesome reference book for those who are in need of healing, providing understanding on what to look for in a healer and what the options are for safe sexual healing. It’s also incredibly valuable for sexual healers who are new to the field to understand the significance of the space they are creating and how to best serve and honor their clients. Sunyata has been very thorough in creating a guidebook that covers off all the important considerations, and it has the added benefit of being very easy to read. It includes understanding of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual and psychic aspects that are all part of sexual healing. In these times where more and more people are seeking sexual healing, I highly recommend this as a resource for understanding the fullness of the journey that you are choosing to embark on.

Martina Hughes, Founder – Tantric Blossoming

Sunyata Satchitananda
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