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Writing this book has great meaning and fulfillment for me. I am passionate about creating safe space for healing to take place and for protecting a client’s welfare from the minority of poorly trained, reckless, or predatory healers. The vision that this book supports foresees a time when sexual healing is broadly accepted and appreciated—and safe for both its clients and healing professionals to participate in. To accomplish that vision I need your support:

  • If you agree with the book’s vision of a healthy society that accepts and appreciates sexual healing as a welcome alternative healing modality please spread the word regarding the book’s upcoming publication by asking your list to go to and sign-up to be notified of its release and receive the 7 point checklist for safe sexual healing.
  • Additionally, I would appreciate your support with joint-venture opportunities to talk about the book with you (interviews on radio and online media as well as in-person events and speaking) in support of publicizing its release. To that end, please contact me directly by phone or email: (707) 483-5390 or

Thank you again, for your support with this project to foster best practices and safety guidelines in sexual healing —and with the vision to bring sexual healing out of the shadows and facilitate greater awareness and acceptance as an alternative healing modality.
Sunyata Satchitananda

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