Now is the time

It’s Time for Sexual Healing to come out of the shadows

Recent U.S. Statistics:

Our society faces many problems that threaten its future and one of those issues is the prevalence of sexual assault, rape, and abuse. Traditional healing and counseling methods have had limited affect with helping the large population of sexual abuse survivors—leaving them to try to cope and get by as best they can after receiving treatments with limited benefits.

Sexual healing is a burgeoning alternative healing modality that combines somatic, energetic, and psychiatric methods of treatment to create effective solutions and beneficial results for abuse survivors. Yet, due to its semi-illicitness, it remains in the shadows of accepted healing methods and scares many people in the main stream who are unfamiliar with it and its efficacy.

Now is the time to create confidence and trust in the safety of sexual healing

For more abuse survivors to reap the benefits of sexual healing they must feel safe and trust its facilitators. For trust and safety to become established there must be ethical standards and principles of best practices and safety guidelines in place and practiced by sexual healing facilitators. Clients of healers need information in order to understand and accept sexual healing as a safe alternative healing modality that they can access in order to regain wholeness and recover from sexual abuse.

New book discusses best practices and safety guidelines for clients and healers

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