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‘Safe Sexual Healing: A Guidebook for Healers and Clients’ positively and constructively informs both healers and clients about what to do and expect in sexual healing sessions to create a container of trust and safety and to facilitate positive transformation and healing. It is filled with real world examples and informative suggestions to guide healers and clients in maintaining their Healing Alliance and in practicing Ahimsa—harmlessness during session treatments.

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Book Reviews:

“Extremely sensitive and powerfully transformative. The right mixture of professionalism and compassion that touches the heart and reaches the mind with crisp clarity.”
Carla Tara

“A much needed guidebook for navigating a world that is often confusing for healers and those seeking healing.”
Martina Hughes, Founder – Tantric Blossoming

“As sexual healing becomes more popular and available, it’s important to be informed about the safety and validity of this work. Sunyata offers helpful guidelines for the Healer, the Client and the Public at large.”
Betty Dodson
Author of Sex for One

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