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SunyataSunyata Satchitananda has been certified as a Tantric Healer since 2007 and a spiritual counselor and ordained minister since 1980. He is also a Reiki Master and Fine Art Photographer.

Sunyata began his study and practice of Tantra in 2001 and in late 2006 began offering sexual healing sessions using Tantric energy practices and principles. After several private sessions with mentor Carla Tara in 2007 Sunyata became certified as a Tantric Healer. He has since been in practice as a counselor, coach, and healer serving hundreds of clients—some of whom have come from other countries, or states in the U.S., to have sessions with him—or are international clients served via Skype sessions (more about Sunyata).

Many of Sunyata’s clients are also sexual healers as well as erotic guides, shamans, and Tantra teachers and it is insight from that communication that prompted him to write this book. Others in the field of sexual healing revealed that some clients were complaining about feeling they were assaulted by their healer due to a lack of consent, communication, awareness and/or consideration. He realized there was a need for more information to be made available to protect clients from abuse and harm and inform healers of how they can maintain high ethical standards as well as avoid mistakes that harm their clients.

The reported serious infractions of a client’s right to consent and be safe while going through their healing process made it clear that some frank and direct guidance on best practices that didn’t cause harm were needed. And so Sunyata has spent the last 3 years researching, writing and editing Safe Sexual Healing: a Guidebook for Healers and Clients.

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